Links to Published Online Work


“Cassette” - The Columbia Journal

"Breadfruit & Tarot Chant" - Literary Juice Magazine

"Advice to a Friend" - The Literary Bohemian

"This is What I Know" - Our Own Voice

"Musings from the Airport Window" Stirring: A Literary Collection

"Mango Man" - The Fairfield Review

"Espiritu" - The Fairfield Review

Creative Non-Fiction

"In the Event of My Absence" - The Flagler Review

Review of My Work

"The Art of Exporting" - by Eileen R Tabios, The Halo-Halo Review

"Overcoming Aesthetic Apartheid" by Eileen R Tabios, Our Own Voice


"#AWP2018, Installment #3, Ira Sukrungruang" Love, Your Artsy Girl

"#AWP2018, Installment #2: Tiana Nobile" Love, Your Artsy Girl

"Who I Found at Tampa's #awp2018: Installment #1: Jim Warner" Love, Your Artsy Girl

"The Secret Language of Oliver de la Paz's "Names Above Houses"" The Halo-Halo Review